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                      Aiming to be the internationally known research university, NPU has been chasing the chance to find collaboration and partnership worldwide. We are now a member of the Technological Universities Association comprising universities from Finland, Spain, Belarus and Russia. We are also the member of Excellence 9 in China and has established cooperation with over 150 universities, enterprises and institutes from different countries including the U.S.A, the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Japan. Besides, NPU is also one of the representative university for the "National Overseas Program for Postgraduates", the "National Overseas Program for Outstanding Undergraduates" and the "National Government-Sponsored Programs for Postgraduates". Students will get financial support from Chinese Scholarship Council, which to a great extent stimulated the international mobility of our students.

                      What we offer now:

                      ? ● 18 double degree programmes with universities of 6 countries;

                      ? ● 30 short term exchange programmes for undergraduates with 12 countries;

                      ? ● 7 short term exchange programmes for postgraduates with 7 countries;

                      ? ● Short term exchange programmes with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;

                      ? ● Summer/Winter programmes;

                      ? ● CSC supported programmes.

                      Annually, more than 600 students went abroad to study and more than 800 professors participated in international meetings or did research together with oversea experts. Notably, international cooperation is a most important element in the development of the university in coming years, thus we are looking forward to:

                      Expanding our partnership globally—to establish connections with more famous universities internationally, and to make friends with all elite institutes;
                      Deepening cooperation with our partners—what we do is larger than what we say, once we are partners we will work hard to do meaningful things that will benefit our students and professors, moreover, will contribute to education of the country;
                      Creating more choices for our students—NPU students are eager to go abroad for study, either for short term exchange or degree pursuing, their eyes will not be limited to only one region, but the whole world; except sending students to other countries, we also welcome professors come to NPU to establish Joint Education Institute in which all lectures will be taught in English by both foreign professors and NPU professors.
                      Supporting more Joint Research—NPU is strong in research especially in engineering, but we believe the crash of ideas from different parts of the world will create a tremendous power to push forward research issues, joint research centers are becoming more and more popular in our campus;
                      Inviting academic luminaries to NPU—take advantage of celebrity effect to let students be exposed to pure science exploration and research, such celebrities may include Nobel Laurates, editors of top scientific journals etc.;
                      Establishing culture communication for students all around the world—located in Xi'an who is one of the Ancient capital of the world's four major civilization, NPU is proud of the local culture and eager to learn about other culture from every corner of the world. We want our students to know more about this planet, and we are more than happy to welcome friends all over the world.

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