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                      NPU Story and Its Storytellers

                      2019-12-02 16:59  

                      Wanna learn about the story of NPU? Well, there's definitely a place where you can't miss checking out on new campus-- the University Archives. Worried about getting lost in the Chinese illustration and introduction there? Well, the good news is that a team of student guides are available now for international student visitors. They are some enthusiastic story tellers who will provide English language guiding services for you, if you book a tour at the University Archives.

                      The University Archives, built in 2018, is a window to show the NPU history and spirit for its visitors. It preserves the institutional memory of NPU from its founding in 1938 to the present-day. The Archives aims to identify, appraise, collect, describe, and preserve the University records which document the evolution of NPU in all its variety, including its contributions to teaching and research; the development of schools, academic departments and programs, institutes, and administrative units; campus life; public service; and NPU’s role in the contemporary history of China.

                      The student guides are a team of NPU undergraduates with great passion recruited by the faculty members from School of Foreign Studies in 2018. Many of our student guides expressed that it is such an exciting opportunity to share NPU stories with the fellow international students. In fact, last year during the 80th anniversary of NPU, they have received many alumna, international visitors and some distinguished guests, including a Nobel Prize winner.

                      It's worth mentioning that 2019 is a year for some major Chinese anniversaries. To name just a few, Youth Day this year commemorates the patriotic May 4 Movement, a 1919 student-led protest, which led to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921, and the 70th anniversary of People's Republic of China since 1949 on October 1. Therefore, the young NPUers are celebrating these anniversaries and playing a part in various ways. The student guides are looking forward to seeing you at the University Archives and sharing some NPU stories with all of you.

                      (Reporter/Su Xiaoqing; Reviewer/Zhang Wentao)


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