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                      Cesare Alippi of Politecnico di Milano and Marios Polycarpou of the University of Cyprus, Appointed as consultant professors at NPU

                      2019-12-06 20:34  

                      On November 27, 2019. Cesare Alippi of Politecnico di Milano and Marios Polycarpou of the University of Cyprus were appointed as consultant professors at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU). The appointment ceremony was chaired by Zhang Fuli, the director of the Office of International Cooperation.


                      Vice President Zhang Weihong awarded the appointment letter to the two consultant professors and spoke highly the long-term cooperation between the two consultant professors and Professor Xie Songyun in the field of artificial intelligence, and expressed his gratitude to the two professors for their contributions to promoting the development of artificial intelligence in our university. He said that in recent years, artificial intelligence is the focus of development and construction. He hoped that the both sides could continue to deepen cooperation in this area, jointly plan the future cooperative research and platform construction, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in scientific research, disciplinary construction and personnel training,so as to promote the international cooperation to a new level.

                      Professor Marios Polycarpou is an IEEE Fellow and an IFAC Fellow, currently the chairman of the European control association (EUCA), and a former President of the IEEE society for computational intelligence. He has made outstanding contributions to intelligent systems and network and computing intelligence. In 2015, he was awarded the outstanding researcher award of Cyprus, which was personally presented by the President of Cyprus. He has conducted more than ten years of collaborative research on intelligent control with Professor Xie Songyun, and jointly established the "Shaanxi Joint International Research Center on Integrated Technique of Brain-Computer for Unmanned System" to promote research in the field of artificial intelligence. He said he was very honored to be employed as a consultant professor of our university and introduced that the Republic of Cyprus is a member state of the European Union and has a long history and a millennium of civilization just like China. He and Professor Xie Songyun have established a deep scientific research cooperation relationship and friendship through long-term cooperation for more than ten years. The cooperation between the two sides has promoted the progress of scientific research. Therefore, He look forward to further deepening cooperation and sincerely invite our delegation to visit the University of Cyprus to promote friendly exchanges between the two universities.

                      Professor Cesare Alippi, an IEEE Fellow, a member of the IEEE Computer Intelligence Society Management Committee, a member of the International Neural Network Society Council, and a member of the European Neural Network Society Council, has distinguished achievements in adaptation and learning in non-stationary environments and in the intelligence of embedded and networked physical systems. With the long-term collaborative research on artificial intelligence with Professor Xie Songyun, they have jointly established the "Shaanxi Joint International Research Center on Integrated Technique of Brain-Computer for Unmanned System", which has made important contributions to the research of artificial intelligence in our university. He attaches great importance to the cooperative relationship between the two parties, and believes that this international cooperation is not limited to two professor teams, but also multilateral. He has maintained a close cooperative relationship with Marios Polycarpou of the University of Cyprus and Professor Klaus Obermayer of Technical University of Berlin, who are also employed as consultant professors of our university. Their cooperation has been lasted for more than ten years, which has a very good role in promoting scientific research, so he hopes to expand the cooperation to more research fields and teams. He also mentioned that the friendly exchanges between Italy and China have lasted for thousands of years. Italy is an important node in the countries along the “Belt and Road”. The implementation of China ’s “Belt and Road” strategy has brought new opportunities for exchanges at all levels between the two countries. He will deem it as a new starting point to help promote comprehensive and network-based cooperation between NPU and other European universities, and contribute to our school's comprehensive development in the field of artificial intelligence.

                      At the ceremony, Professor Zhou Deyun, Dean of the School of Electronic and Information, spoke highly of the two professors’ academic achievements. Professor Xie Songyun expressed her appreciation to the two professors for their long-term cooperation and the strong support of relevant departments such as the International Cooperation Office.

                      Those attending the ceremony included Zi Fang, vice director of the Party Committee teacher work department of the Personnel Department, Su Haijun, director of the Basic Research Department of the Academy of Science and Technology, and Xie Xinzhou, associate professor of the School of Electronics and Information Technology.


                      Reporter/ Yang Hongli, Zhang Jiyuan, Translator/ Xie Xinzhou, Wang Zhenzhen, Reviewer/Zhang Fuli, Office of International Cooperation


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