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                       News

                      The Exchange Activity between Faculty and Students from the School of Humanities, Economics and Law as Well as the University of Canterbury in New Zealand Was Successfully Ended

                      2019-12-02 20:26  

                      On November 29, ten undergraduates led by the teachers of the International Division of the University of Canterbury(“UC”), Will Shannon and Sherry Chen, visited our school and carried out a series of exchange activities. Li Na, Assistant Dean of the college, Professor Zhou Jiong of Economics, Foreign Affairs Secretary , and some undergraduates and graduate students from International Economics and Trade participated in the event.

                      In the morning in the 305 conference room of the college, teachers from both sides introduced their respective schools and carried out exchanges and discussions between Chinese and foreign students. The teachers and students of the UC first watched our school's promotional video and listened to the introduction of Li Na to the college. Will Shannon made an interesting and lively introduction to the historical origins, faculty settings, student training, and campus life of the University of Canterbury, and explained in detail the 2.5 +1 + 1 degree project that some students are interested in. Subsequently, the students of the UC and our school were divided into four groups. The students of the two universities exchanged and discussed on a variety of topics including academic study and university life, and the atmosphere was friendly and warm.

                      In order to further promote the understanding of the UC's teachers and students to NPU, the college organized a visit to the school history museum. The lecturer introduced the school's 81-year history change in vivid language, and conveyed to the group of people the spirit of Northwestern Polytechnical University that has always been fused with the country's destiny.

                      Since the college signed a cooperation agreement with the UC , the two sides have maintained multi-level cooperation such as academic visits to teachers, degree programs, and student exchanges during the winter and summer. This activity strengthened the mutual learning and mutual progress among students, and further consolidated the cooperation foundation between our college and Canterbury University.

                      Author: Cao Guangyuan, Review: Zhang Qingjiang


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